born 1951 in Hargicourt – France
A very shy child, Alfred Marié passed his school certificate to become a house painter. In 1968 he entered the Ecole Régionale Supérieure d’Expression Plastique in Tourcoing. After five years, he abandoned his studies and destroyed his work. In 1974 he met Corinne, who became his companion and his link with the outside world, but also a vital support for his creation, as is reflected in his artist name : A.C.M. stands for Alfred Corinne Marié. After two years of moving around, the couple settled in Alfred’s family home, abandoned several years before, with adjacent weaving workshop of A.C.M.’s father. With the rebuilding of this place – long and painful because the couple lived in a precarious situation – A.C.M. finally found his landmarks. He then resumed his artistic work.
He creates in several phases, first selecting small parts from old typewriters, clocks, scraps from transistors or electronic parts, electrical threads etc. He cleans them, rubs them with sandpaper, transforms them with acid and oxidizes them. He then glues them together and builds architectures, kind of cathedrals, boats, poetic objects – mazes populated with mirrors.

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