Gilles Amedro


Born 1960 in Northern France

Gilles Amedro was hospitalized for the first time in July 1974. Apart from drawing, he communicates in metaphoric language. His favorite subjects are complex math proposals, mystic concerns, esoteric discoveries…
His artistic production can be divided into two types : first, there are the technical drawings, based on graphs and diagrams. He especially likes the drawings of UFOs and nuclear engines, which he sends regularly to CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research) or Marcel Dassault. He also draws portraits, most often the face of an old man with aristocratic features, a kind of incarnation of an absolute mystic power.
He enjoys a privileged status in the hospital, he can move wherever he wants, walk or hitchhike to his apartment located eighty kilometers away at any time of day or night.

Mons, Philippe. PhD thesis in clinical medicine. L’inachèvement. Evolution des discours relatifs aux productions artistiques des malades mentaux. Etude de cinq cas cliniques. Lille, 1990.

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