Rose Aubert


Born 1901 in La Seyne-Sur-Mar in France.

Rose Aubert attended elementary school only for a short time. At the age of twenty, she married a farmer called Charles Aubert. Around 1932, her husband, suffering from acute rheumatism, was forced to slow down his work in the fields. Consequently, Rose had to take care of the farm. Worn out by the hardship of her job, she became ill and was forced to remain inside the house. This could have been the trigger that led her to take up painting and drawing, obviously a strange activity for someone with a rural background in the fifties.
She depicts imaginary and abstract landscapes, haunted by anthropomorphic shapes that look like mouths, orifices or circular forms resembling blood vessels. Her work interweaves humans and nature, as if by a process of vampirisation. Rose Aubert often draws with ballpoint pen, usually depicting women caught in a net. Her drawings are delicate and aerial but also invoke the feeling of entrapment as her figures blend right into her intricate lines.


Publications de la Compagnie de l’Art Brut, fascicule 5. Paris, 1965.

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