Anibal Brizuela


Born 1937 in Argentinia.

We do not know anything about his past – his family has never shown – and nobody seems to know how long Brizuela has been the resident at the psychiatric hospital of Colonia Oliveros, a few miles from Rosario in Argentina. He is supposed to be seventy-four years old. While this skinny little man communicates little, he draws compulsively. His works function as messages he leaves at different locations in the hospital. According to his curator, “these are his oracles”. He has never responded to the invitation to join the other patients to draw. But he agreed to participate in the end-of-the-year exhibition of the workshop, at Artebacdès in 2005 and the museum Macro (2007), where hundreds of his drawings were displayed on a wall seven meters long. It was during this final presentation of his work that Brizuela wrote : “One day I was fishing in the river and saw a flying saucer. […] I looked at my rod and when I looked up, it was gone. I did not attach any importance to this.” Anibal Brizuela’s drawings, drawn with a colour ballpoint pen, evoke dazibao. And this is not only because he shows them throughout the hospital, where he lives. Loaded with references and mystical or political symbols, punctuated with allusions to current events, his highly structured works strike both by their cryptic nature and formal freedom.

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