Antonio Benjamin


Traditional media such as colored pencils, acrylic, and ink appeal to Antonio Benjamin(b. 1981) because he likes to have a large array of colors to work with. “My work is about a group of people. Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla people, they all think different. The chocolate people, they are really black, but I just call them chocolate.”

In addition to his iconic groups of flavored people, he is demonstrating an interest and talent for digital artwork. The prints that he produces illustrate experiments in scale and repetition for aesthetically interesting results. Benjamin’s digital prints were chosen to adorn a limited edition tote bag and a pillow produced by CB2, one of our community art partners. In both digital and traditional media, Benjamin often depicts African American people and churches, reflecting his community and culture. Flashing his trademark bright smile, he says this subject matter is important and inspiring to him, “because of our history.”

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