Giovanni Bosco


Castellammare del Golfo is a small village between Palermo and Trapani, between sea and mountains. This is where Giovanni Bosco spent his whole life. Born into a family farmers, he attended the elementary school. His father died when he was still a child. He found being a shepherd difficult, lost his flock one day and found himself in town to work in a marble quarry. He spent two years in prison for petty theft where he was abused. The death of his brothers involved in what was more or less a mafia network seems to have affected Bosco deeply and he gradually sank into psychosis. He spent time in a psychiatric hospital and returned home. A loner, mocked by his neighbors, he began to draw using whatever he could find, but mostly he took possession of the town walls – like a tagger – covering them with hearts, robots, knife blades, android shapes ; his favorite themes were expressed here with force and originality. He called himself “Dottore di tutto”. A local artist noticed his talent and encouraged him. From 2007, he has been recognized as an artist and did not say anymore that his “doodles” could be of value once framed. People bought his works and his situation began to improve, but he was suffering from a cancer that became fatal. When an exhibition and symposium were organized in Castellammare del Golfo at the beginning of 2009, he could no longer enjoy his newly acquired recognition.

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