Giuseppe Barocchi


Giuseppe Claudio Alfredo Barocchi was born in Florence in 1971and not differently from other kids he soon begun drawing; unlike most of them, though, he soon revealed the cathartic strength of the artistic gesture if it is true, as he himself recalls, that he used to forget the borders of the page and continue to draw on the floor or walls. He begun attending the studio of La Tinaia in 2008 and already in 2010 his work was selected for the ninth edition of INSITA, the triennial of self-taught art hold in Bratislava. Barocchi’s work stages the eternal fight between good and evil, his cardboards becoming the battlefields where those forces clash. Good always wins but the narrative changes with every new painting because Barocchi is always changing the representation of the antagonistic forces. Diverse religious-military dictatorships fight against off-the-cuff liberation armies that Barocchi realizes with a great deal of care in the details of colours and gears. He usually begins his works with a pen to add colour pencils in a second time: his drawing reveals great mastery and deep knowledge of the subjects he draws which are nothing but mirrors of the artist’s emotions and feelings. The results are very balanced compositions that can easily confuse the spectator with their interweaving of narrative plan and artist’s subjectivity.

Musée de la Création Franche, Bègles
Museum of Everything, Londra

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