Henry Bruns


Henry Bruns was born in 1929 in Minnesota. He has been creating art in the Creativity Explored studio since 1987. He likes to work with acrylic, oil pastel, pen, watercolor, and soft pastel.

Bruns’ figurative work is usually layered over abstract, patterned backgrounds. With delicate subtlety and lyrical line, Bruns depicts human figures, plants, and landscapes. Recently the figures in his work have disappeared, leaving a methodical, striated abstract patterning where the deliberation and pauses of his line are registered in a cool, controlled palette. He usually works in two-dimensional media, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, and pen, to create medium or large-scale artwork.

According to Bruns, he gets inspiration for his art from reading and walking in San Francisco. He loves to go downtown on the weekends and enjoys sharing tales of his weekend adventures with his fellow artists.

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