Jacqueline B.


Born 1928 in Perpignan – France.

acqueline B. was born in a complicated family situation. She was initially taken care of by the servants employed by her father and subsequently, sent to school until the age of five. She returned to her family home when her father remarried and she grew up loved by her stepmother. As a child, skinny and nervous, she faced great difficulties at school. She was successively assigned to two schools run by nuns. However, in 1951, at the age of twenty-three years, she could barely read and write. Living again in the family home, her physical health, poor so far, improved, but her behavior remained restless. Prompted by her stepmother, she began drawing in 1952, an activity that she would follow religiously for ten years. In 1964, she was placed in a nursing home near Grasse, where she continues to draw.

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