James Bloomfield


Born 1945 in Cincinnati Ohio – USA.

A self-taught artist, Bloomfield spent a period of time during his twenties painting, but when his work was criticized by a friend, he burned all of the work that he had done.

The death of his mother in the late 1980s was a catalyst for resuming his art. He says of the time, “I didn’t have much drive. I just went up to the mountain and started carving. The mountains are kind of a hiding place, a safe place. I live near the same ridge where my mother grew up and is buried, next to my great-grandparents – with my roots going back to the eighteenth century.”

Bloomfield works with many materials found in his environment, both natural and man-made. Bloomfield was featured as in the June, 1992 Kentucky Educational Television program, “On the Cutting Edge”. His work in part of many private and public collections in the United States and internationally.

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