Leofric Baron


Born 1957 in Essex – Great Britain. Died 2000 in Norfolk – Great Britain.
“Nobody taught me to paint. I just decided to one day. I did painting for a change, to make up situations with words from my head. A flash came in my mind that had never come before.
I love thinking of things in my mind that can become objects. I see objects that may come into the future so we might be able to learn how to do things.

I do art painting so I can learn a lot. I start by using the gift in my head to learn, then I use my fingertips to draw! I define my pictures by using their names. I use my eyes to look over different shapes and then I draw.

I can make a shape come right out by the colours I use. With paint I can make a violin look like a whale, or a trombone look like a completely different shape and size!

I like painting and drawing a lot, I can show the waves in my brain, I paint things from the past, from history and I hope you like the outcome!
I hope you like the pictures.”

(From a selection of statements by Leofric Baron, 1995)

Leofric was an extremely prolific artist producing hundreds of artworks in various media including painting, printmaking and ceramic. He has work in various public and private collections and was represented in The 6th Annual Outsider Fair, New York in 1998.

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