Luigi Boldori


Luigi Boldori was born in Cremona in 1950. He loves company and likes to chat with everyone about any subjects though his favourite is his paintings which represent animals, landscapes and people in their daily activities. Boldori has a keen interest in animals: he reads books on the subject and extracts details that he than uses in his thorough representations. His representations of animals are unforgettable: their characters emerge as if they were portraits. He commonly uses markers and wax crayons a way that resembles a mosaic work; this conveys to his painting a vibe that exceeds the capacity of the line. Each painting stages a different perspective, from above, from aside, from below, so that his ordinary subjects, such as houses, cars and trains become very sensitive and original representations. Lately Boldori has expressed a preference for cardboard over paper and has significantly improved his preferred method to realize chromatic scales as texture of fabric.

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