Michael Bryant


Born 1958 in Birmingham – USA.

Mike Bryant, also known as “Michael Angelo Imhotep Bryant” is a painter and poet. His works have been published in the Journal of Ordinary Thought and he has been represented by Project Onward since 2010. From Birmingham, Alabama he moved to Chicago with his parents, sister and brothers in 1968 to find more opportunities and equality. “I started making art cause my friend was having a birthday party and somebody needed pluggers (i.e. invitations) and I figured some pictures would make them stand out.” When the ladies responded well to Bryant’s talents, he decided he would keep making art, and having a little pocket money didn’t hurt all. His top interests are nice looking women, party scenes, paintings by the Masters, and he is especially interested in birthday and zodiac specific calendars. Michael’s special message to collectors? “All donations are accepted because Michael A. I. Bryant is truly a starving artist.”

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