Christine Cattebeke


With endless patience and concentration, Christine Cattebeke creates artworks with simple structures and repetition. However she is very aware of her starting point, she mostly refer to the same patterns of flowers, people, houses and mushrooms. A theme can create the base for several variations on that theme. Christine owns a very explicit language of forms.

In 1997 she moved on to the new art studio and learned some new techniques. She very much loves oil pastels. From this rich experience she is searching for a new language to show her world to us.

Christine worked in De Zandberg for a long time on large scale formats. Funny enough when she works on textile, her images leads to fully abstraction. At this moment Christine works very passionate with oil pastels. She makes endless combinations of colours by drawing several layers on each other. Her feeling for colour is most surprising and has a optimistic undertone.

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