Jehnny Chan


I was born in Chinatown, New York City at St. Vincent’s Hospital and so were my siblings. All of my life I did artwork on and off. One of my friends pointed out that every time I was sad or sick, I started to draw. My inspiration comes from my friends and family. I come from a family of six girls and one boy. I love my friends and family. My favorite subjects are sisters, family, best friends, and sometimes couples. I sometimes draw people alone. I like to draw girls, women, fairies, angels, dolls, ballerinas, and princesses. My focus is on depicting faces and flowers. My process is to draw with magic markers and colored pencils from my imagination. My first exhibit was in January 1997 at a New York University student art show. I currently write for a newspaper called City Voices, which is a paper for the mentally ill. I will continue drawing pictures of girls and women with magic markers and pencils. I would also like to focus on different colors in the future.

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