Maria Callegaro Perozzo


Born 1919 in Padua – Italy.

One of eight siblings from a humble family, her father a woodman, she spent her childhood helping her family and studying until the fourth grade; when she was twelve she begun practicing tailoring to make a living while helping on her mother with her brothers and sisters. In her mid teens Maria obtained a degree in tailoring and met Mario who was to become her husband soon; with the birth of their first child the family moved to Bolzano where Mario had a job as a barber. The Allies continuous bombing on the city, during the II world war, forced Maria and Mario to move to Padua; it was with great pain that Maria had to leave her second born behind, too young to travel, to a grandmother. At the end of the war the Callegaro Perozzo family moved back to Bolzano and then settled in Milan. In the eighties Mario was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Maria, busy with careful assistance, was suggested to give a try to painting by their doctor, as a away to channel her feelings. To date Maria, beginning in her early eighties, painted more than 400 pieces and has kept on painting despite the death of her husband (1995) thus continuing that work of symbolization, creation and representation of planets, suns and astral figures of which she is a direct witness.

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