Maria Concetta Cassarà


Born 1932 in Mirto near Messina – ITALY.

During the seventies after getting married and giving birth to four children she moved from Sicily to Emilia Romagna. Here she worked first in a bakery shop and then as a tailor. Around the year 2000 Maria discovered drawing almost by accident:while taking care of her granddaughter by using her the kid’s crayons she begun creating colorful flowers. Maria has continued to paint ever since: she experimented with water-colors and widened her range of subjects with the addition of landscapes, houses, men and animals. Maria draws her inspiration from magazines and the images she sees on TV. She only works in the evening, usually until very late, sitting on her dining room table, with her television on. In her production of donkeys, birds, flowers and bearded human figures, it is very easy to spot references to the imageries of the Sicilian folklore.

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