Curzio Di Giovanni


Curzio Di Giovanni was born in Lodi, Lombardy, in 1957 suffering from an organic condition that impedes his mental development and produces an autistic syndrome. The hardest moment in his development was around his twelve’s when he begun having antisocial and aggressive behaviors; his family, being unable to handle his conditions, thus asked for help to the institutions. From 1979 he has been an inmate at the Sacro Cuore di Gesù Fatebenefratelli center for psychiatric rehabilitation in San Colombano al Lambro. Here, eventually having some peace, he organized his existence around simple and repetitive rituals: coffee and cigarette, dessert and cigarette, soft drink and cigarette that unleash aggressive reactions if hampered; this is also the place where Di Giovanni begins drawing, first in the rehabilitation labs set up in the hospital then in the art center atelier Adriano e Michele. Teresa Maranzano, back then head of the atelier, remembers how she immediately recognized Curzio could be said an artist. His style is characterized by extreme confidence in sign, which is really impressive if one considers that Di Giovanni’s drawing are born from a peculiar distortion of a reference image. Of that image Di Giovanni underlines some particulars while neglects others, shifts pieces positioning so creating an original interpretation of reality. All the elements in the composition stick together as they were the pieces of a mosaic exactly as that reality should be reconstructed at all times. His work can be found at the Lausanne Collection.

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