Eva Droppova


Born 1936 in Bratislava – SLOVAKIA.

Born in Slovakia from a German-Hungarian descent, Eva Droppova went to an engineering high school before working as a designer in an engineering institute.
In 1991, her son, victim of a major accident, underwent surgery but remained neurologically impaired. Eva Droppova was emotionally scarred by this tragedy that would change her life.
”I have asked God why he punished my child. It was the first time I spoke to God. At that moment, something hit the room, like an explosion of energy. I do not know if the shock was within me or around me. Later, as I was crying, everything started burning up in me, my hand started moving, uncontrolled, on its own, with no intention on my part. My first pictures were born.”
Most of her drawings are accompanied by specific questions to the spirits. In her work, which in some way recalls Emmanuel “le Calligraphe”’s drawings, Eva Droppova has recreated a vocabulary and a grammar of her own.

(The quotations are from an interview of Eva Droppova by Bruno Decharme in Bratislava in May 1999.)

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