Livia Dencher


Asked about what she was drawing Livia says: ‘ the mountains at the background are where the animals and birds live. In the foreground are houses where the people live’. Small inkbottles, feltpens, pencils and pens cover the table at which Livia sits. When she started working at Atelier Herenplaats in 2001 her technique was undeveloped and she sometime used acrylic paint alongside ink. Now Livia knows how to combine the media in order to reach her goal.

Livia creates a fantasy world in which people and animals coexist in a dynamic environment, the world of her dreams. The background can be the jungle just as well as the Egyptian desert and the pyramids and Pharaohs. In a meticulous process Livia constructs a balanced but charged scene, according to her on set of rules. For example, there are almost never large objects in the foreground, and as she said, Mountains in the background and houses with people in the front.

Livia has chosen to work in a small-scale group studio with 3 other artists at Schiedamse Vest 58.

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