Petr Dobsak


Born 1947 in Otaslavice – CZECH REPUBLIC.

Petr Dobsak has been born in a small Moravian village. At the age of twelve he suffered from meningitis and later on from “rheumatic fever,” followed, according to his family, by mental troubles. Hallucinating, he was confined to the psychiatric hospital of Kromeriz. He became electromechanical engineer and later on worked as a driver and lift repairman. He spends, however, long periods in the hospital. From 2000, he has been living with his parents and helps out with agricultural work. In this way he has acquired quite an important role in the house which seems to suit him. Petr Dobsak’s pencil and colour pencil drawings testify of his love for work in the fields and especially of his intimate relationship with nature. His works represent animals, buildings, fields and forests ; ghostly silhouttes hiding or watching closely sometimes emerge from nebulous hatchings. Petr Dobsak draws only during his stays in the hospital ; he loves the art therapeutic workshop, which remains for him a welcoming point. He refuses, however, all advice and direction proposed by his therapist. Since his childhood Petr Dobsak has been also writing poems, dedicated to the same young girl, the impossible love of his life.

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