Whitman Donaldson


Born in San Francisco in 1990, Whitman Donaldson became an eager and enthusiastic member of our studio in 2009. Donaldson displays these same traits in his artwork, with an emphasis on figures and forms from pop culture. “I get inspiration from nature, and people I look up to as role models such as Miley Ray Cyrus, Hayden Panettiere, or Taylor Swift, or even a day at Pt. Reyes National Seashore.”

Typically working with traditional drawing media, Donaldson uses a variety of techniques. His work ranges from spare, elegant graphite drawings, to densely collaged mixed media pieces, and vibrant homages to his heroes from the music and film worlds. Ceramics make up a newly developing facet of his art practice as well.

Donaldson is excited by the community of artists at Creativity Explored, as well as “the artistic challenges I’m faced with by the teachers.”

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