Larry Edminston


Larry Edmiston was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1958. He currently resides in Lynn, Massachusetts. As an adult he was diagnosed as having Asberger’s Syndrome.

Larry says that he likes art because it is about personal expression as opposed to repression. He has particular aversion to repression because of the behavior modification schooling of his youth and his experiences with a fundamentalist religious group during high school. Larry attempts to transform bad memories of those experiences through his artwork, hence his interest in the use and misuse of various types of authority. Larry has a strong fascination with certain girls from his first grade class which he draws as he imagines them to be today. They are often placed in fantastic and symbolic settings. Their poses reference, amongst other things, pin-up models and record covers. Larry also has a significant interest in the late actress Natalie Wood, who often populates his work in the form of a spirit roaming places which hold a certain biographical importance for the artist.

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