Adrie Goedendorp


While being educated as a goldsmith at the age of nineteen, Adrie discovered her interest in drawing. In this period she made acquaintance with someone who made lot’s of aquarelles and Adrie was very much inspired by this person’s work. In her spare time she started to make aquarelles herself. After she stopped her education as a goldsmith, she wanted to develop as an artist. She took several courses.

Finally she applied at the Academy of Fine Arts, and she was admitted. After she finished her preliminary examinations she couldn’t handle the pressure any loner, she got admitted in a therapeutic community for a year and a half, where she had a studio at the attic, so she could paint.

A few years later she did voluntary work at SCRAP. SCRAP was a project with a shop, where industrial material was sold for little money, workshops were organized, internally as well as externally and where sets and props were made by order of external businesses. Then followed a period with lack of energy and Adrie did not have the inspiration to produce new work.
When she regained her creativity, via Galleryu Anders Bekeken in The Hague, she found her way to Gallery Herenplaats.

Adries artwork at Gallery Herenplaats is characterized by strong lines. Most of her work is abstract, but if one looks closely, it becomes more figurative.

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