Alberto Guindani


Alberto Guindani was born in Soresina a small town in the area of Cremona, on November the 9th 1957. From 1970 he has been living in the mental home of Sospiro, Cremona. Here he attended for some time the pottery studio and in 1995 he entered the creative painting studio of the institution named La Manica Lunga. In 1998 he abandoned this activity to return to colors and brushes only in 2007. Guindani has a really sociable character, gentile manners, someone would say he is a real gentleman. He now attends the studio on a daily bases and has been developing his own signature style painting colored grinning women. At first he sketches the outline of the figure by pen or pencil and than uses crayons to delicately fill the figure with different colors. There are recurring features in his characters such as big eyes, sharp noses and colored hairs. His work can be considered repetitive but it is undeniable a constant evolution to it. Guindani is really proud of his works and of the success they achieve; he loves to show visitors his works despite he is very careful not to assault them with words and descriptions: they are all women and they are all beautiful. His work was featured in the shows Nataletic hosted by Daniela Rallo’s gallery in 2007, Perturabementi del Potere, Carpi 2009, 2×2 Forum Outsider Art, Kunstaus Kannen, Munster and many others.

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