Claus Groeger


Born in Switzerland in 1953, Claus Groeger came to the Creativity Explored studio in 1999. Though he doesn’t speak, Groeger’s body language and art communicate a great deal.

Groeger works almost exclusively with found objects, his nimble fingers deftly arranging disparate elements into a controlled composition. His instructor says Groeger enjoys creating “very structured, orderly compositions out of a box of chaos.” Buttons, bottlecaps, beads, stones, nails, and any other similarly small objects are glued together in arrangements that remove their original meaning and allow them to be integral parts of a cohesive pattern.

Groeger enjoys his very tactile artistic process. He is constantly engrossed in his work and would probably not stop for lunch if he were not prompted. This devoted attention pays off in the precious, jewel-box quality of his finished work.

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