Jill Gallieni


Jill Gallieni was born in 1948 from an American mother and a father working as an actor; she grew up away from her parents until her father took her with him when she was seven. All her life she has been creating mysterious fabric dolls and in her thirties she discovered prayers as a way out from the tangled mental situations that harassed her. She recalls she could not say with words because the simple thought of seeing a sentence written by her own hand was unbearable for her. Her complex strings of hundreds of repeated prayers pieces while hiding their meaning to anyone else (losing their literary meaning) came to represent for her a way of expressing herself. Addressing those prayers to Saint Rita, the Saint of lost causes, Jill talks about those situations that trouble her mind, about people, about herself. From her thirties she has then been filling up papers with her handwritings, often passing twice or thrice over the same line, in black or coloured inks. Free from any conditioning her writing is free to follow every direction: obeying its own rhythm alone, her writing curves and folds, follows diagonals, traces flowers, houses, hearts and other sometimes abstract forms.

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