Louise Guardia


Louise’s paintings are like a diary. Each work tells a story from her life: the holidays, a visit to a museum or just her thoughts. Often the title offers a clear reference to the source of inspiration, such as ‘Alcohol museum’, ‘New York’ and ‘Experience it all in the Arse-nal’. Strikingly, the paintings that Louise makes are in memory of loved ones, such as the paintings about Chrispijn, a housemate who died, and about her mother Aleid.

In the paintings ‘Aleid’ and ‘Lijnbaan’, for example, Louise summons up memories of her mother. ‘Lijnbaan’ represents the Rotterdam shopping street where Louise regularly shopped with her parents. Amongst other things, she paints a shop window, a clothes rack, a clothes hanger, jewellery. At the very top, almost inconspicuously, is a small cross. ‘That is specially for Aleid. So I can think about [her] more.’
In the painting ‘Aleid’, Louise’s parental house on the Gijsinglaan is depicted. Through the walls we can look inside and see an enlarged display of all sorts of jewellery, which for Louise symbolise her mother. In the clouds above the roofs there is a small portrait of Aleid. ‘And here, around the house, are her arms. They are giving the house a cuddle’.

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