Paul Gee


Paul Gee is a San Francisco native, born in 1948. Prior to coming to Creativity Explored in 2001, Gee worked at Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland.
Gee is a prolific and skilled ceramicist whose attention to detail carries over to his two dimensional artwork. He uses a potter’s wheel to throw well-proportioned pots, vases, and platters, and then meticulously etches designs into the clay before carefully applying glaze and then firing his works. Geometric animals, symbols, and more recently, Egyptian pharaohs and similar motifs appear repeated on the different faces of each vessel. Gee’s fine line drawings translate well to different media. After more than a year of work, in 2006 he completed his self-proclaimed masterpiece, a chest of drawers painstakingly painted with miniature church facades.

Gee is intensely focused while making art, but when not working, his innate attention to detail means he is always aware of any maintenance needs in the studio. He takes responsibility for refilling the many paper towel dispensers and frequently checking the plumbing for leaks.

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