Rose Gordon


Rose Gordon was born in San Francisco in 1982. She make art in our studio from 2009 through 2011.

Prolific and multi-talented, Gordon works with numerous media, including ceramics, fabric, printmaking, and all drawing and painting materials. Gordon says making art is “fun, exciting, and yet calming too.”
Often light-hearted and witty, her work is inspired “from anywhere but mainly from video games/anime I like, or animals, like cats, dogs, birds, and fish.” Her style is one of clean, well-defined lines and elegant arrangements, occasionally with an accompanying quote or text. Her fabric work retains these characteristics of spare figural elements above an embroidered phrase that, in turn, sheds new light on the image.

Gordon’s printmaking is bold, allegorical, and uses multiple colors and layers to convey its imagery. Beautifully sculpted and carefully glazed figures make up her three-dimensional work, which displays the same elegance and wit seen in her drawings and paintings.

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