Adam Hines


Boren 1986 in Chicago – USA.

Since joining Project Onward in 2004, Adam Hines has produced thousands of “masterpieces”: colorful, whimsical drawings on paper and cardboard that depict the contents of his extensive mental data bank. Game shows, TV commercials, dog breeds, cars, architectural landmarks, and people who have the same first name are among the endless stream of lists, categories, and memory-defying feats that appear in Adam’s artwork. He is also the soulful lead singer of the rock-and-roll band DHF Express, along with fellow artist Louis DeMarco, and he brings the same open-hearted confidence expressed in his artwork to the music stage. Adam says, “I want to grab colored pencils and markers to start drawing whatever I want and make it into a masterpiece. Art making takes a lot of courage, especially to do such a fantastic job as I do.”

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