Camille Holvoet


Deceptively sweet, Camille Holvoet’s (b. 1952) work tends to draw on remembrances of life’s anxieties and forbidden desires. Her luscious oil pastel drawings of cakes, pies, and pastries are an expression of her relentless introspection. Holvoet’s process is an endless discovery, in which—through the repetition of her sacred objects: dessert, Ferris Wheels, and crossed eyes—the pressures of the past are relieved by the joy of the creative process. She will definitely have her cake and eat it too. Fittingly, Recchiuti Confections, one of our community arts partners, chose her drawings of cakes to adorn their 2011 Artisan Series of gourmet chocolates, while CB2, another arts partner, chose her work as the basis for a large limited edition print.

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