Carl Frederik Hill


Born 1849 in Lund – SWEDEN. Died 1911 in Lund – SWEDEN.

Carl Fredrik Hill came from a small bourgeois family, strict and conventional. His father, authoritarian, discouraged artistic ambitions of his son who wanted to become a painter. After studying aesthetics, he settled in 1873 in Paris, where he created landscapes inspired by Corot and the Barbizon painters. His works did not have any success. His father died in 1873 ; Hill felt deep anxiety and, beset by hallucinations becoming more and more frequent, he was admitted to the clinic of Dr Blanche. In June 1880 his sister brought him to Sct. Hans hospital in Roskilde, Denmark. He stayed there two years before returning to Sweden, where he was placed in Sct. Lars psychiatric hospital. After a few months, his sister took him back home and took care of him until his death.
During the thirty-five years of his illness, Hill created an immense œuvre, destroyed to a great extent. There are multiple styles, themes and techniques. It was directly inspired by prints and illustrations from newspaper which he copied and transformed at the same time. His work seems to be a paradoxical confrontation oscillating between the allegiance to authority he had always obeyed and a blasphemy, parricide, a murder.

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