David Holt


Born 1985 in Chicago – USA.

David Holt started to draw in high school at Gallery 37, the City of Chicago’s after school job training program in the arts. David’s interest in music, romance and celebrities quickly found its way into his artwork. At Project Onward, David refined his craft and, beginning after the death of his grandmother in 2009, began to create memorial portraits of “important people” who have died. Whether drawing on a small piece of cardboard or painting on a monumental canvas, David is a consummate professional; he works hard in the studio and for each and every customer who has purchased his artwork, he logs their information in a small spiral notebook with his meticulous handwriting. Of his work, David says, “I did it and you can too. I am a dependable, honest person who is dedicated to my work… Being part of Project Onward is like a dream. It is fabulous blessing to make art. It is an opportunity to draw, paint, and have fun.”

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