Hugo Heikenwälder



Heikenwälder, Hugo, painter in Vienna. Born on May 27, 1949. He dedicated himself from his youth to music, painting, and literature.
Hugo Josef Heikenwälder received his artistic training at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he dedicated himself to the study of the painting techniques of the old masters. His panel paintings are painted using the finest layered-oil technique on copper or precious metals and distinguish themselves by their warm color harmonies and radiant golden tones.
His landscapes and female figures reach an unmistakable and fascinating quality, especially in his miniatures on gold, silver, or platinum. These small masterpieces, often no larger than 7 x 10 cm, appeal with their fine details and in the proper light, display an extraordinary brilliance.
His timeless themes and his classic style give his paintings an “eternal validity” and make them internationally desirable collectibles.
His art has been shown at exhibitions around the world and his works are part of some publications about art brut and the art of the mental ill. He is an expert for art brut and outsider art. He lives and works in Baden next Vienna.