Nita Hicks


Nita Hicks was born in 1945 in Texas. She has been working at Creativity Explored since 1996. She likes to work with acrylic, watercolor, marker, colored pencil, and ink.

Hicks employs an exacting process in order to render her unique and accurate portraits. She first draws an image very carefully, using a grid system to translate from a photograph to her paper. She maps out the flat planes of color that form the composition, separating these fields by a double lined barrier that she then fills in with black paint. Hicks is an artist who thoroughly enjoys the process of artmaking, preferring to mix her own colors and spend a lot of time on each piece.

In 2008, Hick’s artwork was chosen by Recchiuti Confections, one of our community arts partners, to embellish their signature chocolates.

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