Oscar Haus


Oscar Haus is the oldest resident at La Pommeraie in Ellignies-Sante-Anne, Belgium. He was born in 1939 in Hennuyeres, Belgium, where he completed his primary education and worked for some time in a glassworks. Since 1974 he has been living at La Pommeraie where, beside the artistic studio he works at the bag labelling facility. Now retired he regularly dedicates to art and to the other important and older love of his life, the accordion. He developed a highly personal technique: he uses colour crayons with great delicacy and superimposes strata of colour one after the other as he was caressing the paper. He always begins from the left high corner to end at the low right. The spectator’s eye cannot avoid to recognize this care and to be fascinated by the brightness and continuity of the colour. His favourite subject is represented by common life details that he turns into a nearly enchanted universe: each flower is represented petal by petal and any leaf has the same overall importance of the whole tree. The flowers, the birds, the sunshine’s they all reflect a simple but idyllic human joy. And then there are the musicians: those he played with on the Saturdays dances in the village, those he admires, those he is acquainted with. To these musicians Haus hands the key to access his own world: creepy figures with grinning smiles, they are the tragic actors responsible to make a comedy of the world. For the rest of us. Haus’s work is featured in the Arnulf Rainer Collection in Wien.

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