Safiya Hameed


Born 1989 in Chicago – USA.

Safiya Ameera Hameed has been an artist at Project Onward since 2007, and is a graduate of Gallery 37. Safiya also attended Harold Washington College and received her certificate in Vocational Training and Development in 2009. Smart and determined, Safiya always has new ideas, new projects and the energy to see her plans through cheerfully. Her artwork reflects her interest in nature: colorful flowers, trees, animals and the sun radiate positive energy, as do the portraits of her favorite singer, Stevie Wonder.

With a style popular since the beginning of her Gallery 37 days; Safiya continues to make thoughtful, detailed compositions about nature, color, and music. Her first solo show, at the Project Onward Gallery in 2009, was a big success. Her goal is for her art to get “better and better,” and she creates art to touch people with the same effervescent happiness that guides her brush strokes.

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