Stanislas Holas


Born 1905 in Vesell – CZECH REPUBLIC. Died 1989 in Brno – CZECH REPUBLIC.

A spiritualist artist from the South Moravian spiritualist circle, Stanislav Holas learned to make barrels, while working as a policeman until his retirement. He drew throughout his entire life, but with long pauses and a great prolixity after the death of his wife in 1969. His drawings were shown relatively early in various exhibitions of spiritualist art, among others in New York in 1937. The figurative features of his first drawings (around 1920) disappeared completely in the works of the 1940s, which represent objects with round ondulating shapes, vibrating with warm delicately shaded colors. On some of his drawings there are mediumistic writings. Another series of drawings created around 1960 reflects inspiration drawn from ornaments characteristic of the costumes in South Moravia.

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