Wolfgang Hueber


Born 1950 in Schweinfurt – GERMANY.

Since his childhood he has had great difficulty in being part of a group ; he went to school only one year. At the age of fifteen years his condition worsened forcing his family to place him in the psychiatric hospital Allgäu.
Artistic creation has become his only occupation. He paints together with the artist Johannes Lindner and Ingolf Kirsch. His drawings represent his everyday life, desires and hopes, in a combination of images and writing.
At first, he often drew himself naked in masturbatory postures. Little by little his artistic spectrum expanded : he is now inspired by fairy tales.
Hueber is also interested in recovered everyday objects that he transforms into works of art. Already in his youth, he liked to dismantle and transform sanitary pieces. With a hammer, he shaped them and turned them into “weapons”. In recent years he has produced a few hundred of such pieces but he throws them regularly in the waters of the Danube. Hueber has always been fascinated by water and fire. He has now acquired a certain autonomy and can buy the materials he wants thanks to the financial retribution from the sale of his works.

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