Raymond Isidore genannt Picassiette


The house of Picassiette is among the best known mosaic-decorated sites in the world. It is located in the city of Chartres, in northern France, well known because of its centuries old cathedral, that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The author of these mosaic decorations is Raymond Isidore (1900-1964), who had a simple job, being a sweeper at the local cemetery. He bought the house in 1929 and lived there with his wife and three cildren.

One day in 1938, making a walk in the neighbourhood, he happenend to see some pieces of broken pottery. These drew his attention and he was inspired to begin making mosaic from broken kitchen utensils.

The next twenty years or so, Raymond Isidore would never pause from doing this creative activity. The result has become a completely decorated site: both the exterior and the interior of the house have been completely covered with mosaics, not just the walls, but also the furniture, the beds, the stove …

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