David Jarmon


Born 1988 in Chicago – USA.

David Jarmon is one of Project Onward’s newest artists, and he has already made a splash with his very small, very funny drawings. A shy man of few words, David’s imagination teems with the pantheon of professional wrestlers, horror movie characters and slasher film stars that he studies obsessively from TV and magazines. David’s fixation on this subject matter is similar to the compulsive enthusiasms of many individuals with autism. But his work transcends the impulse for mere duplication and repetition by placing icons like Freddy Krueger or the Bride of Frankenstein in funny situations of the artist’s own devising. The characters often interact with each other or pose with real-life portrait subjects, often in the form of hand-made greeting cards inscribed with non-sequiturs like “Thanks” or “Best of Friends.”

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