Jan Krizek


Born 1919 in Dobrichovice – CZECH REPUBLIC. Died 1985 in Corrèze – FRANCE.

Jan Krizek was one of the first artists to be shown at the first exhibition of art brut in René Drouin’s gallery ; one year later, Jean Dubuffet wrote “Art Brut Preferred to the Cultural Arts”. Krizek had academic education, but once in France, he decided to put it aside, “forget” it. His works are close to children’s drawings or graffiti. His theoretical contribution is also important ; Krizek evokes, among others, the need to abolish the primacy of rationality and the difference between painting and sculpture (cf. his correspondence with André Breton in 1959). He created carved sculptures, but also worked with painted plastic and other materials. In 1962 he left Paris for the countryside, where he lived until his death. During his move some of his works were destroyed, which would put an end to all his artistic production.

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