Nina Krietzman


If the color hot pink had a spokeswoman, there would be no better advocate than Nina Krietzman (b. 1989). Nearly all of her artwork includes at least a splash of the famously neon hue. Whether accenting a building’s façade or filling out a rainbow’s palette, Krietzman always finds a way of tinting things with pink. This includes her playfully hip fashion sense as well. Her unique personal style is expressed in everything that she does.

Krietzman’s preferred medium is marker, the boldness and solidity of its line fits her style perfectly; yet she achieves transparent effects as well, showing the versatility of this humble implement in the hands of a talented artist. A Krietzman artwork can be a fantastical sunlit landscape with mermaids, horses, coconut trees, apple trees, and shooting stars, all happily coexisting in a single piece. Or it can be a drawing of several colorful dresses, accented with pink of course, floating between bits of text and a bejeweled crown for a “Drama Queen.” Regardless of her subject matter, Nina Krietzman’s work is a self-contained, fabulously sassy world where nothing outside it matters.

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