Albert Louden


Albert Louden was born in Blackpool, England in 1943. His family had been sent there during the war, but afterwards they returned to the London’s East End where Albert continues to live. Early on, he did not have any aspirations to become an artist, but recalls a day in primary school when the class was instructed to draw a mountain. His was completely different from anything anyone else had done, and as he grew up, he felt that art was the only thing that he really had an aptitude for.

Leaving school at age fifteen, Louden worked at a variety of jobs, including about sixteen years as a van driver. But when he was nineteen, he became devoted to creating art. His earlier works were drawings and watercolors; later he moved to pastels and oil paints. He works on a board or canvas on a floor instead of an easel, and prefers to work at home rather than a separate studio. Through the more than forty years that he has been painting, his primary subjects are landscape, abstract, and figural pieces.

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