Blake Lenoir


Born 1985 in Chicago – USA.

Blake Lenoir is an artist with autism and a longtime member of Project Onward. His elaborately detailed colored-pencil drawings of nature scenes and people working together have been exhibited all around the country. Blake specializes in depictions of entire ecosystems, with as many plant and animal species as he can fit onto a sheet of paper. His animal kingdoms, including endangered species, are peaceful places where everyone gets along. Several of his images have been used in national and local marketing campaigns, and one of his illustrations provided the cover for Temple Grandin, My Life in Pictures: A Coloring Book for Children about Autism, a companion to the HBO original film about the autistic author, activist, and livestock expert who is one of Blake’s heroes. Blake’s life and work, including his award-winning gift for gardening, have been profiled on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight,” among many other media outlets. In addition to his artistic talents, Blake is a passionate advocate for people with autism, support for the arts, and a host of causes that need champions.

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