Endora Lau


Sometimes, trying to predict an artist’s personality by looking at her work will mislead or give a false impression. But Endora Lau (b. 1985) shows us her sly humor and delicate mannerisms, both, in her artwork, and in reality.

Splitting her creative time between drawing and ceramic sculpture, Lau has been producing her understated pieces in our studio since 2010. She generally prefers marker and employs an airy flatness when capturing the subtle textures of her figures and animals, which accentuates them against an often unmarked, white background. These collections of people and creatures are staring back at the viewer or engaged in some communal activity like dancing or exercise. Her sculptures carry these traits into three dimensions with bold, unmixed glazes over spare renderings of form. Lau knows when enough is enough, when the piece is precisely finished, and may add a little tongue sticking out just to let you know that she has more tricks up her sleeve, but that the ones she has chosen to display are sufficient for now.

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