Merna Lum


Born in 1956, Merna Lum Is a long-time member of the Creativity Explored studio, first attending in 1988.

Lum works in a variety of media, always open to exploring new avenues and means of art making. Her ceramic pieces are especially rich and heavily textured, their organic forms reflecting Lum’s love of nature. When working in two dimensions Lum gravitates toward plant and animal subjects. She is sight impaired and must work within inches of her artmaking surface. This close proximity to her work allows Lum to be an intensely focused artist, often so much so that she is unaware of the chaotic activity in the studio around her.

In 2008, Lum was one of four artists chosen by Recchiuti Confections, one of our community arts partners, to adorn their Artisan Series of chocolates. CB2, another Community Arts Partner, used Lum’s work as the basis for a pillow design in 2011.

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