Albert Meyer


Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1963, Albert Meyer is the 11th of 14 children. When Albert was 16, his family moved to San Francisco. He became a studio artist at Creativity Explored in 2004.

An intensely focused artist, Meyer depicts figures and architecture in bold black outlines, filled in with patches of saturated color. His process of adding color is careful and balanced, working from the outside edges in, juxtaposing complementary colors for a patchwork effect. When drawing Meyer removes his glasses and works just inches away from the paper surface. Recently he has been producing large acrylic paintings, working on an easel, and incorporating multiple figures into compositions that resemble family portraits.

When taking a break from art making, Meyer is a friendly and jovial presence in the studio. He is also a talented dancer, leading the ladies of CE around the dance floor on special occasions.

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