John “J. B.” Murry


Born 1908 close to Sandersville – USA. Died 1988 close to Sandersville – USA.

J.B. Murry never went to school, he worked the land and earned his living in different plantations. He was very religious, married in 1929 and founded a large family. He had eleven children and sixteen grandchildren. He left his wife in the fifties or sixties and continued his solitary life in a cabin devoid of any comfort. In the seventies, he had a mystical experience. He began drawing and writing to communicate his faith. His drawings are composed of written and ghostly totemic figures. The spiritual content of his texts was comprehensible only to him, and was supposed to be read, according to him, through a bottle of “sacred” water drawn from a well nearby. Murry thought that his drawings were dictated to him directly by God. Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell are central to his work.

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